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Wartrol Review : The Best Wart Removal Formula

My name is Sam, I do product reviews to help people get to know necessary information about a product before buying. Now, if you are here then my assumption is you, or someone close, has a problem with warts and needs treatment. Stay on this page to learn everything you needed to know about Wartrol. On this page we will look at the following topics;

What is Wartrol?

How Does Wartrol Work?

Wartrol Ingredients and Side Effects

Where Can I Buy Wartrol?

So, What is Wartrol?

Wartrol is a wart remover treatment, a proprietary compound sold over the counter through an internet site that claims to be “the most effective wart removal system of the last three decades.” This is a strong claim, considering how many compounds and wart treatments exist on the market. My assumption is you are here on this page because you are curious and want to know more about Wartrol, an over the counter wart removal product which comes in a form of liquid and available to buy without prescription.

If you would do a small research on this product you will not find any complaints from users that would indicate otherwise. There are many products on the market that claim to effectively remove warts, and most of the times they don’t work. on the flip side, Wartrol is a product that has been on the market for decades and has always worked well with others.

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How Does Wartrol Work?

It only makes sense that before you actually go out and buy this product or any other product, you should know what the product is made of, and how it actually works, in this case, helps you to get rid of warts, before trying it out. And here is exactly how…. Wartrol’s main ingredient is salicylic acid which softens abnormal skin cells and dissolves them. As you will see in the ingredients section, the main component (salicylic acid) works on removing warts while other inactive substances reduce the chance of further infection and helps affected skin to return to its previous healthy state.

According to the label of Wartrol, the only active ingredient in the formulation now is Salicylic Acid (17%). This substance is in fact clinically tested to be effective in treating warts. Furthermore salicylic acid is also approved by FDA, which is a good indication that it actually works and most importantly is safe to use. These are not just claims, they are actually results from experiments that were conducted on a number of studies in the clinic and the results had a success rate of over 75%. This is definitely a good result and it would be difficult to find an ingredient that would be more effective. So it is quite clear why Wartrol chose to include it in its formulation as the main component.

How to Use Wartrol

In general Wartrol is considered to be safe to use and doesn’t cause any unpleasant side effects. However it is important to use this wart remover according to instructions provided with this treatment. If you will not follow directions of this product you might end up experiencing some negative effects like skin irritation or scaring of surrounding skin. Wartrol is topically applied to the wart. It comes with a brush applicator which makes it easy and safe to get the solution directly onto the wart.

  • The application only take a couple of minutes:
  • Clean the affected area and then dry thoroughly.
  • Apply a small amount of the wart medicine directly onto the wart until it is completely covered.
  • Let the solution dry completely.
  • Repeat this procedure once or twice a day, as needed.

It takes one or two weeks to completely remove the wart, but can take up to 12 weeks. A word of caution though. Please always check with your medical professional if you are not absolutely certain that the skin growth is indeed a wart. Follow the instructions on the package which clearly state to not use it on irritated skin of if the skin is infected or red. Follow all the other warnings and instructions on the label to make sure that Wartrol is safe for you to use!

One last common sense item. Warts are virus based so please do not share any wart remover, whether it’s over the counter or prescribed, with anyone else that has warts. You don’t want to accidentally spread your virus to another person!

Are Wartrol Ingredients Safe?

One of the important steps when researching a particular product is to find out what components are included in the formulation. This can help to better understand how it works and how effective it can be for treating a particular condition.

All ingredients included Wartrol are definitely safe and will not cause side effects if the treatment is used correctly. There are a few instructions provided on the label that should be followed thoroughly. This treatment should be applied directly on warts using a brush included

The manufacturers are at least honest in advertising the product – its secret ingredient is no secret at all. Wartrol uses salicylic acid. That is the same compound mentioned above, which has been used as a common wart treatment for decades. The manufacturer advertises that it has this compound concentrated to 17% within the medicine. The rest of the product’s ingredients are inactive compounds. However, they still play an important part in the medicine’s efficacy:

There are a total of 6 other ingredients in Wartrol. These ingredients are not as active as salicylic acid, they are inactive and they include:

Ethyl Alcohol. The main aim of this component is to make sure that no bacteria can infect warts while they are being treated by Wartrol. Since alcohol has antiseptic features, it is able to keep warts clean and reduces the chance of any further infection.

Menthol. This ingredient provides a cooling effect on the skin while the main active ingredient works on removing warts.

Ascorbic Acid. This component is actually a Vitamin C, so it is beneficial for keeping your skin healthy. It can help affected skin area to recover much faster after a wart is finally removed.

Hydroxypropylcellulose. This component can help to reduce the chance of infection as well as minimize symptoms such as itching and burning.

Flexible Collodion. The main use of this ingredient is healing of modest wounds as well as keeping the contact between skin and tropical solutions stronger. In Wartrol it works by forming a covering all over the area that is affected, which helps to prevent infections and keep salicylic acid on the treated area for longer time.

Polysorbate-80. This component is quite commonly used for increasing the speed of reaction.

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Side Effects

Although Wartrol is a safe wart remover it might be still worthwhile to check the list of all ingredients included and make sure you are not allergic to them. For instance there is a small percentage of people who might experience allergic reaction to Ethyl Alcohol.

The other possible side effect to point out is that like with any treatment some ingredients might cause allergic reaction for a small number of people. However since there are not so many active ingredients in Wartrol this possibility is highly unlikely. One of the components to mention is Ethyl Alcohol, which might cause allergy for a very small number of people. However it is important to point out Alcohol is quite a common ingredient in various treatments and for most people it doesn’t cause any issues.

One more thing to mention is that Wartrol shouldn’t be used for longer time than 3 months. If this treatment will not be able to remove your warts within that much time you should stop using it and consider other options, since it might cause dangerous side effects. The usage of this treatment should also be limited to two times per day. This is because more constant use will not increase the effectiveness of Wartrol, but might even cause unpleasant side effects.

Pros of Wartrol Wart Remover

Not Painful

Most of the people who have used Wartrol claimed that it is not at all painful. I also observed the same from my case – I never complained of experiencing pain while using Wartrol.

Wartrol Actually Works

This is what you might be wanting to know till now. Yes, Wartrol works to remove all types of warts and is highly effective in eliminating warts. Reviews of Wartrol have been positive since the time it launched. Just like ZetaClear is a good nail fungus remover, Wartrol (also from the same brand) is the best wart remover.

Wartrol is Affordable and has Money Back Guarantee

While a visit to the doctor can be expensive and embarrassing at the same time, Wartrol saves you your time as well as money. Wart removal treatments can easily set you back by a few thousand dollars.

Wartrol comes with a Money Back Guarantee. This only proves the tremendous trust that the manufacturers have in Wartrol.

Cons of Wartrol

Dont Expect Overnight Results

If you are looking for overnight results and “miracle” or “magic” products, then Wartrol is not for you. As with any established and trusted product, Wartrol takes its time to bring out the results. To completely remove warts it usually take one or two weeks.

Testimonials and Reviews

Wartrol has been on the market for many years and thus it’s easy to find customer reviews of people like you and me that used Wartrol successfully to kill warts.

It has been used by many thousand people to get rid of plantar, common and flat warts for good. Nearly all reviews and comments are positive when people used it as prescribed.

You often see negative reviews but these are from folks that use Wartrol for a short period of time and expect the wart to vanish after using the medicine for a day or two. Wartrol takes a while to work but it usually does the job!

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